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UnderGround International Film Festival
DAY II Screening Schedule 21-04-2023
Venue The BASE

Title Duration Director Country Language

SLOT I 10:00 AM

Dog 00:03:00 Gizem Güvendag Germany German
Rabbit Girl 00:07:26 Dan McPeake Canada English
Crazy Bird Lady 00:20:00 Suneeta Misra United States English
Clipping Branches 00:23:18 Andros Georgiou Canada English
The Boy And The Mountain 00:11:23 Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal Chile Dutch
Sinners and Saint 00:23:00 Jerod Willis United States English
SLOT II 11:30 AM
Ticket 00:14:59 Abhik Das India Bengali
Weekend 00:29:58 Arvind Joshi India English, Marathi
Far Away Man 00:04:15 Wil Allen Australia English
X 00:04:40 Walter A. Lagarda-Parra Mexico Spanish
Playtime 00:06:08 Maura Garnett United States English
Close-Up: An Odyssey 00:15:47 Nick Gatsby United States English
Say Your Prayers 00:03:41 Sara Dawood Canada English
Sambhram – Never Odd or Even 00:12:00 Ranjeet S Kumar India Hindi
Kazhicho? 00:30:00 Darpan Bajaj India Hindi, Malayalam
Dahi 00:05:01 Arsh Kaur Lamba India English, Hindi
Unwordable 00:02:40 Antoine Plainfossé, Killian Lassabliere France French
The Broken Cup 00:13:02 Nikita Nevatia India English
Out of the cage 00:25:23 Pratik Rajkumar Patil India Bengali
Love. 00:18:47 Jane Ashmore United Kingdom English
Aaj Bhi Din Saanjh Hua 00:14:47 Jayshankar Ramu India Hindi
Waiting for the Bliep 00:10:00 Bethany de Forest, Alexander van Zanten Netherlands Dutch, English
Prision Time Over 00:05:28 Philipp Ramspeck United States English
Umaj 00:26:15 Param Jayant Walvekar India Marathi
Followed By Award Ceremony
Festival Reserves the Right to make changes to the schedule

Venue Partner

Venue Partner

43/1, Building No. 3, 306, First Floor, Next to The Box, Rescon Company Compound, off, Karve Rd, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411038


Stories and storytellers surround us despite that, most stories go unheard and cannot reach their audience.

UGIFF is Indian’s First Underground Film Festival.

UGIFF is the festival, promising to bring stories that struggle to reach and garner independent cinema.

Festival of Global Artists, Storytellers, and Audiences.

Come, witness the disruption, be a part of the movement.

Celebrate Cinema| Promote Art | Support Artists’

Our goal is to give you an appreciation of a wide variety of genres, from horror, sci-fi, and fantasy to comedies, thrillers, and music-related films. Besides finding great films, we intend to showcase and promote talented local and international storytellers.

Bringing innovative and challenging selections that challenge and appease the interests of all film lovers, we aim to support and contribute to the globally thriving arts community.

We intend to present a wide range of work exploring the various definitions and interpretations of the concept of